Nintendo NX release date, specs: Major leak backs up hybrid design, reveals 4K video streaming capabilities


Last month, it was claimed information about the Nintendo NX may finally start trickling in by October. While Nintendo still maintains its silence regarding the matter, it doesn’t mean that new details about the console won’t make their way online, one way or another. In fact, over the weekend a major leak may have revealed the price, features as well as bundles of the tightly-guarded console.

Courtesy of Reddit, the leak is very detailed in nature as moderators manning the thread claim that each and every tip they publish has been verified to the best of their abilities. As it turns out, the anonymous source is said to be someone who “works for a very large retailer [and] is in a position to have access to this sort of information.” However, fans are advised that it is not a guarantee that all information reported is accurate. Even the leaker himself added a disclaimer that everything that has been revealed is still “subject to change as time goes on.”

In terms of marketing, it seems that Nintendo will be capitalizing on mobility with the phrase “Interact with your game on the go” said to be seen in the poster for the NX. This coincides with pressing rumors that the console will be a hybrid which can be plugged into the home system or used on its own.

Once released, the Nintendo NX will go hand in hand with the launch of a “Mario” title but it will also come with at least four titles when it finally rolls out. The price point of the NX is said to be sitting at $299.99, but the Japanese company is also set to offer some bundles which will reportedly cost $399.99. Unfortunately, the specifics of the packs have yet to be revealed.

Less prominent features which have been rarely mentioned in previous rumors include the console’s ability for 4K streaming. However, this does not pertain to games but for web-related content like Netflix and Hulu. A resolution of 1080p and frame rate of 60 fps, on the other hand, will be the designated graphics for gameplay with a rumored 900p for the hybrid mode of the NX.

The much anticipated Nintendo NX is still slated for a March 2017 release and as of now, it is said to have already started trial production. If the timetable remains the same, it can be assumed that Nintendo will start releasing bits and pieces about the device sometime in the coming months.