Nintendo NX release date, news: Ubisoft CEO continues to praise the NX, says it'll bring Nintendo back in the console race


Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot continues his high praises for Nintendo’s tightly-guarded console, the NX. The company executive did not get into specifics but he had nothing but good words to say about the device lifting people’s expectations for the device a bit higher.

“I believe Nintendo will be back in the race with the NX,” Guillemot was quoted by French journalist Chlo Woitier, which was translated by Venture Beat. It can be remembered that for quite some time now, the Japanese tech company has been slacking in terms of consoles especially with the previously hyped Wii U having been received unenthusiastically and performing below expectations. In the end, the firm just decided to slowly phase it out of the market with total stoppage of production by March 2018.

Guillemot’s latest comments regarding the Nintendo NX comes on the heels of a similar statement he made just a couple of days ago.

“The new Nintendo [gaming system] is a fantastic machine,” Guillemot said during a Ubisoft presentation earlier this month. “It’s really a new approach. It’s really Nintendo coming with something new again. We love it.”

With Ubisoft’s backing, the Nintendo NX is off to a good start especially with fans who are worried about content that will come with the console. It can be remembered that the company is not known for having good ties with third-party developers because of game specs not compatible with the device. In retrospect, this is also part of the reason why developers slowly stopped making new content for the Wii U, which in turn, spelled its demise.

Meanwhile, not too long ago, rumors started that Nintendo was planning to have a surprise launch for the aforementioned console this month. However, a couple of days into October, no indication of such event has been rolled out. Timeline-wise, it could be the perfect timing to at least introduce the Nintendo NX as early as now if the company is sticking to their planned mass release in March 2017. Right now, it is said that trial production has started which may be a sign that a launch is already on the horizon.

A lot is hinging on the success of the Nintendo NX, as reiterated by Nintendo time and time again. Unfortunately, concrete details that will at least give gamers a taste of what they are looking forward to have yet to emerge. Rampant rumors, on the other hand, point to a 2-in-1 device with detachable controllers and region-free content.