Nintendo NX release date: Mass production delayed to 2017 to add VR features?


Despite having a confirmed date of release in March 2017, consumers might have to wait a little longer before the much anticipated public debut of the Nintendo NX. The latest reports suggest that Nintendo is looking to enhance the console’s features, specifically its Virtual Reality capabilities.

According to Digitimes, the Japanese multinational electronics company is not cutting corners when it comes to their upcoming console. News about the possible delay appeared to have come from those involved in production of the Nintendo NX. Apparently, as sources have implied, mass production has been pushed to early 2017 instead of the original mid-2016 plan. Given that a lot is already riding on the shoulders of the NX, Nintendo is amplifying the console in a way that it is more compatible with the current trend in electronics entertainment virtual reality (VR) gaming.

Furthermore, the same tipster added that the NX will combine the traditional video gaming experience with a mobile counterpart, which will be brought to life by a 5- to 7-inch display, a controller, and joystick which player can use to navigate their chosen games. Aside from this, it will also be able to connect to a TV set so gamers can use it as a stand-in for the video game system. Shall this feature come to fruition; earlier reports suggesting that the NX will be a 2-in-1 device running on one operating system will have been proven correct.

Nintendo’s order volume for the device is also said to have been decreased drastically to 50 percent of the company’s original plan. Initially, 20 million units were supposedly ordered for mass production during the first year after its debut but now, the order is down to around 10 million units. The decision is chalked up to the less than favorable sales of the Wii U console, which will be phased out by March of 2018. Given the size of investment that the Nintendo NX will need, it seems that Nintendo is first looking to test the waters. This is contrary to Gamestop’s prediction about the device, which they predicted will take the market by storm once released.

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima has already stated that with the Nintendo NX, they will not make the same mistakes that they experienced with the Wii U. They will make sure that the new console will have longevity in the market.