Nintendo NX release date, news: Console's features, specs, price leaked; may launch with \'Mario\' title


Nintendo just can’t catch a break. The company has persistently kept its lips sealed when it comes to details regarding its upcoming console, the NX. However, it looks like its veil of secrecy has been lifted once again. A leak was recently posted by the moderators of the Nintendo NX subreddit and they said their source worked for a large retailer and was in a position that allowed access to information regarding the next-generation console.

According to the source, the console portion of the NX is capable of running games at 1080p and 60 frames per second (fps), but there was talk that the mobile portion can only run games at 900p. 4K video streaming on sites like Netflix is also supported. Furthermore, games will be in cartridges.

The source also says that the base price for the NX is $299.99 while a bundle option is also available for $399.99. Sadly, the contents in the bundle are not known. Furthermore, the console will allegedly come out with four titles on deck. That’s interesting. What will those titles be? The source says Nintendo appears to be co-branding a “Mario” launch title with the NX, so there’s the first one. The other three are still unknown as of this writing.

The leaker says stores will get the demo units by February 2017 and the company is supposedly using “Interact with your game on the go” as a slogan for the NX. Now, moving on to the packaging, the source says the packaging for the NX is in white and blue, and it is slightly larger than the Wii U’s. The packaging also says “NX,” however, it is not known if this is the final name for the console or simply a placeholder.

It should be noted that the moderators of the Nintendo NX subreddit did a thorough research on the source’s identity and claims before posting the leak so it appears they are convinced that it is true. Even though the source seems credible, readers are still advised to take everything with a grain of salt until Nintendo officially unveils the product.