Nintendo NX release date 2016 news: Could the leakster who predicted 'Pokemon Sun,' 'Pokemon Moon' be right about the console as well?


The new games “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” were predicted by a leak that also lists the Nintendo NX’s possible release date. Because the leakster was right about the two new Pokemon games, industry observers are now giving the Nintendo NX release date leak a second look.

The leak comes from NeoGAF forum user Trevelyan9999. He claims he got his information from a “verified source from Nintendo” who has “shown proof of an internal US marketing budget and scheduling overview for 2016.” Regarding the Nintendo NX release date, the leakster says it will have a holiday 2016 launch.

The information had “key parts highlighting The Legend of Zelda NX to be a holiday 2016 release either same day [as] Zelda Wii U or shortly after during the Nintendo NX holiday 2016 launch window,” the NeoGAF forum user writes in this thread. “Nintendo NX Launch games for 2016 besides Zelda NX and marketing focus remain hidden for now.”

Although the leak might have been dismissed as another Nintendo NX rumor initially, the announcement of “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” recently provided it a boost. The leak included a Pokemon 20th anniversary game codenamed “Niji”. The codename was first publicized in Trevelyan9999’s post.

As it turns out, the logos in both Nintendo’s website and those included in the press release sent to media outlets have “Niji” in their file names. Gematsu reports the press release logo images were titled “Niji_A_logo” and “Niji_B_logo” for “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon,” respectively. Meanwhile, Kotaku notes that the logo used in Nintendo’s site contained “niji-11-en” in the file name. The publication further observes that this part has now been changed to “sun-moon-11-en.”

Kotaku has also noted that Trevelyan9999 has removed his YouTube videos and articles that talked about this particular leak, which some might find curious. It’s unclear if the removal was done voluntarily or if Nintendo got involved. In any case, although part of the leak has been proven true, it remains to be seen if the rest of the information it contains will be accurate as well.