Nintendo NX release date: Console's launch happening this week via Nintendo Direct event?


Last week, it had been reported that Nintendo was finally easing up on the secrecy for its new console and will start to roll out official confirmation regarding the NX starting next month. Now, it appears that the goodies are coming a couple weeks early with the latest reports suggesting that the company is revealing the console this week instead.

Specifically geared for a debut at Nintendo Direct which would be around Sept. 20, the NX may not just be teased but will be fully launched. The tip comes from industry insider SuperMetalDave 64 who claims that he was able to come into contact with a graphic artist who has contacts inside the Japanese company who in turn sourced him the information.

If this turns out to be true, an event much like the one they did for the Nintendo 3DS earlier this month will be once again rolled out. While the report is highly exciting and extremely gratifying, it is important to note that it is still a rumor, at least for now. Despite having pretty reputable sources for the rumors, it might be too much work for Nintendo to come up with two gatherings in the span of a single month. Needless to say, a lot is also riding on the NX’s shoulders so the tech giant will presumably make its highly anticipated debut as flawless as it can ever be.

As of now, the NX is still poised to roll out sometime in March 2017. And despite numerous reports suggesting that the company is once again looking to delay it, Nintendo is actually very adamant in sticking to their supposed timeline. Not much is known about the console but as previously reported, it appears that it will be a hybrid type of console that has detachable controllers and region-free content.

The steady of stream of details about the device making their way to the internet have obviously further piqued the interest of gamers. And regardless of whether these are confirmed or not, the publicity that the Nintendo NX is currently getting is a good way to market the console.