Nintendo NX release date, news: Major upgrades coming to new console's controller; NX to be rolled out next year


Rumors have been rampant as of late that Nintendo’s next gaming platform, the NX, will be a versatile console with removable control pads and the latest news about it is that it has undergone quite an upgrade for a more user-friendly experience.

According to reports, the directional pad, or simply D-pad to most gamers, will be somewhat partitioned just like the ones found on the PlayStation’s controller. In addition, Nintendo has pioneered and at the same time patented the unified D-pad which resembles that of a cross since the company introduced its first ever Nintendo Entertainment System.

Nonetheless, it is said that the patent filed for the mentioned design is now deemed null; hence, the Kyoto-based game and console maker is now adapting the subdivided D-pad design for the Nintendo NX.

Another rumored tweak for the upcoming console’s controller is the unprecedented addition of the share button. For the uninitiated, Nintendo is now okay with the idea of having their title’s gameplay being shared across the web. This yet to be confirmed feature will be a huge leap for the company as it will send a message that they are ready to spread their titles on a wider scale for other gamers to be in the know of their current games which will also serve as a good marketing strategy.

Meanwhile, it was previously noted that Nintendo and other game developers have announced their upcoming titles for the new NX console which include Square Enix’s “Dragon Quest X” and “Dragon Quest XI,” Sonic Team’s “Project Sonic,” Ubisoft’s “Just Dance,” and Nintendo’s homegrown and highly anticipated “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” These are just some of the few confirmed titles that will be arriving for the Nintendo NX which is slated to be out early next year.