Nintendo NX release date: Nintendo to stop Wii U production?


Nintendo will be ceasing the production of its current Wii U flagship console, according to a report coming from Japan. One of the reasons for the move by the company, as per the report, is in preparation for the upcoming next generation of the Nintendo console, the Nintendo NX. However, another report debunked the previous one, saying that Nintendo has no plans of discontinuing the Wii U console at all.

A recent report from Japanese site Nikkei stated that Nintendo will cease the production of the Wii U console before the end of 2016. Allegedly, the Japanese gaming company had stopped the production of the console accessories, with the intention of slowly depleting the inventory and stocks of the console and accessories for the device in the market.

Two other reasons stated from the report cited that one main factor for the decision of the company was that the Wii U had been suffering a long running low point of sales due to the lack of popular titles in the recent years. The second reason is that the company is seeking to gear itself for the upcoming release of the company’s next generation console, the Nintendo NX.

However, a new report from IT Media stated that Nintendo debunked the reports about the Wii U discontinuation. The gaming company said that they have no intention whatsoever to stop the production of their Wii U console, saying that they will continue with it until after the fiscal year 2017 and beyond that.

According to the report, Nintendo is set to make an announcement regarding the annual sales estimates of their consoles and games on April 27, which will also sum up their fiscal year earnings and open up a new one. They will continue their regular shipments of the Wii U consoles after this.

Nintendo is expected to reveal significant details about their upcoming NX console sometime around this year.