Nintendo NX news: Nintendo president looking to 'NX' console for company's future; launching with 'Super Smash Bros.'


The building anticipation towards the release of the Nintendo NX is being further hyped up by the Japanese software company with various updates from its bosses.

Recently, the company’s president and CEO Tatsumi Kimishima updated fans on the status of the highly secret gaming console via a Question and Answer event for investors.

“I believe the key to doing this is to allocate our resources appropriately to proceed with hardware and software development on schedule and deliver our products to our consumers in a timely manner,” Kimishima said as reported by The 65-year-old executive also emphasized that they are making the best of what they currently have and they are making sure that all revenue and expenses are balanced. He also talked about putting the company’s resources for big return investments, where in the Nintendo NX is included.

“The question was to pick one area with which we will be able to achieve Nintendo-like profits, but I would like to suggest two areas. One area is our NX business, and another is our business for smart devices,” he detailed.

Speaking of the console, in the past few months, numerous rumors have been circulating regarding the Nintendo NX including it being comprised of two devices which will run using a single operating software. Now, analyst Serkan Toto revealed that Bandai Namco is currently developing games for Nintendo’s upcoming device.

“Bandai Namco is currently developing several NX titles. Smash Bros is planned to be a launch title. I am not sure about the date – yet ;),” he tweeted.

Software engineer Steven Chith also revealed that the secrecy revolving the device is topnotch. According Go Nintendo) Chith wrote on his LinkedIn profile, “I’m currently working on Nintendo’s next console, code named NX. It’s so secretive that sometimes even I don’t know what I’m working on. Suffice to say, I’m primarily doing embedded system development.”