Nintendo NX release date news: Nintendo may be intentionally delaying launch of next console


The upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is nearing and there are a lot of games that are already lined up for the event. A lot of fans were hoping that Nintendo would be giving more announcements on their new console, Nintendo NX, but the recent update about it is the launch of the console is delayed.

Gamers were hopeful that Nintendo NX was supposed to make a debut in the upcoming E3. However, the company will focus on one of their famous franchises, which is a new title for “The Legend of Zelda.” Fans are speculating that the reason for delaying the launch of Nintendo’s new console is to market the video game in order to launch it together with Nintendo NX. With that reason, players will have more incentive to buy the new console and that it would probably make their sales higher.

On the other another motive why Nintendo is making that kind of move because they might be focusing on improving their console by inputting the virtual reality (VR) technology. This would also help them compete with the other consoles such as PlayStation Neo and Xbox Scorpio that will also support VR technology.

However, fans are worried regarding the launching date of Nintendo NX which may be in March 2017. This is because that the two consoles may be released before the holiday season which would be just in time for Christmas rush, and this would give the other two consoles higher sales. Nintendo may also be avoiding the sales competition during the holiday season.

On the bright side, Nintendo was able to achieve in having one of the bestselling consoles before which is the first generation of Wii and they were also able to sell 101.63 million Wiis. It may be possible that Nintendo may possibly do it again.

It is said that more details will be given regarding the Nintendo NX on the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) this 2016.