Nintendo NX news: Gesture controlled device rumored for NX hybrid


Nintendo is yet to release any official information about the upcoming and long rumored Nintendo NX console. The mystery gaming console had been a hot item in the rumor mill for months now, and the Japanese gaming company had promised to reveal significant updates regarding the new gaming platform sometime around this year.

While the company had been very firm in their decision to keep mum until their own desired time, the rumor mill had once again been hot on the NX, now showing a patent application that was recently filed in the U.S., hinting on possible advanced control options for the NX.

According to a user post on NeoGAF, a recent patent application in the U.S. showed a proposed technology from Nintendo, showing a devicewhich takes the form of a handheldwith an infrared sensor feature and can recognize gestures, movements, and distance when using them as controls for a game.

The patent application shown,was filed in Japan way back September 2014. While the patent application does not mention directly something about the Nintendo NX and the design shown in the images of the patent application looked to be more like a handheld, talks about it being connected to the NX console in a way have been surfacing.

The patent showed a device with a display interface and the basic control buttons. Players can make use of the infrared sensor and the gesture recognition feature to play games such as applying gesture signals for each command. An example of a baseball pitching and catching was given.