Nintendo NX release date: 'Dragon Quest X' confirmed for the highly anticipated console


Months before its highly anticipated debut, the Nintendo NX continues to be a mystery to the gaming community. With the lack of any concrete basis as to why gamers should be excited about the console, software developers appear to be getting on board with the project with multiple games already slated for the device.

“Dragon Quest X” is the latest title to be confirmed for the upcoming platform. Talking to Japanese magazine Famitsu, which was then translated by IGN, game producer Yosuke Saito shared that iterations of the title for both PlayStation 4 (PS4) and NX are in the pipeline

“I think there will be an influx of new players that peaks with the launch of the PS4 and NX editions”, Saito explained. “Up until then, rather than the incoming new players, we are doing our best for the people who are playing already.”

This development follows reports that a triple-A software lineup will be coming to the NX. Developer Game Freak is said to be bringing “Pokmon” to the platform, along with other Nintendo first-party titles including the previously announced “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” A yet to be announced Mario game is also said to be tagging along. All of these are claimed to be arriving to the console within the first six months after its worldwide release.

On top of that, sources have divulged to MCV UK that Nintendo is determined to make sure that the NX off to a great start, unlike their recent releases in the Wii U and 3DS. The media outlet’s tipsters are also the ones behind the leak suggesting that NX will be a portable machine that can be plugged into a TV.

“It’s a nice bit of kit, a bit of a novelty, but a good one,” an executive handling the console teased. “It won’t appeal to PS4 fans. Nintendo seems set on trying to upgrade smartphone gamers. That’s going to be a big job for the marketing department.”

Nintendo has already stated that the NX will be focusing on building content instead of hardware via cementing partnerships with third-party providers like Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros. However, some industry experts have pointed out the company is following the same steps as it did with the release of the Wii U, which arguably performed below than what the developers originally expected.

The Nintendo NX is still currently tipped for a March 2017 launch.