Nintendo NX news: Console release date still scheduled for March 2017


Nintendo once again reiterates that the target rollout for the mysterious Nintendo NX remains to be March of next year. This is despite numerous speculations that the console is once again delayed in production because of supposed tweaks and additional features to be incorporated.

In its latest annual report, the Japanese company was generous enough to share their production and development process especially with regard to their new hardware. An excerpt from the extensive report  published through Nintendo’s official website reads:

“With respect to hardware, Nintendo continuously investigates and undertakes research on fundamental technologies spanning data storage technology such as semiconductor memories, display technology such as liquid crystal displays, and electronic components, while it also carries out research and development activities to examine the applicability of various technologies including interfaces such as touch panels and sensors, wireless communication, networks and security to the field of home entertainment. Nintendo is also devoted to the development of a gaming platform codenamed ‘NX’ with a brand-new concept, which will be launched in March 2017 globally.”

In the past couple of months, following the confirmation of the console after months of speculations, there were suddenly rumors saying that Nintendo would be belatedly adding virtual reality (VR) components to the NX. This development was touted to be the cause of a delayed start in production. Furthermore, the tip also suggested that instead of a release date, mass production of the NX would only start by March 2017.

Since its official announcement, Nintendo has been clear that the aforementioned console will be the next big thing coming from their factories. Unfortunately, key features of the console still continue to be kept tightly under wraps. Even third-party developers are also said to be left in the dark, prompting an outcry citing that the despite being a powerful console, it will not be a successful one if it lacks content.

Nevertheless, the NX is still forecasted to break records once it finally sees the light of day. Popular electronics retailer GameStop predicts that the console will be a game changer in terms of electronic entertainment. This something that Nintendo has been hoping for, previously saying that the forthcoming device will bring a different level of gaming experience to video game enthusiasts.