Nintendo NX news: Bethesda is open to developing content for the forthcoming console


With March slowly approaching, interest in Nintendo’s new console, dubbed as the NX, is also increasing. Aside from the heavily guarded specs, content for the device is also a popular conversation starter for gamers.

It can be remembered that a couple of months back, a couple of content makers blasted the Japanese company for not giving them any information regarding the Nintendo NX. As such, developing new material compatible with the console has been very controversial. In hindsight, the tech giant has always had some problems collaborating with third-party developers rooted from their devices’ lack of power and capability to support outsourced content. This is exactly the same problem that Nintendo experienced with the Wii U which eventually led to its demise. Title makers slowly stopped producing content for the video game console due to its mediocre capabilities affecting players’ continued interest in using it.

Despite this, Bethesda Softworks is said to be open to partnering up with Nintendo specifically for NX, as revealed by vice president of public relations and marketing Pete Hines during a recent conversation with Metro Game Central.

“It’s not like we’ve never done anything on Nintendo. We haven’t done anything on Nintendo in a very long time,” he started. “Look, our philosophy is we want to make our games, as they’re designed and built, available on as many platforms as possible. And so Nintendo, as a maker of a platform, you want to constantly be in touch with them, to see what they’re doing, where they’re headed, and whether or not there might be some opportunities down the line, with where they’re going.”

But before consumers get their hopes up for the supposed collaboration, the company still has a few stipulations for it to push through. “The point is to take the game, as you designed it, and to get it working on those platforms. Not make a bunch of cuts and a bunch of changes and bring out some other version of it,” Hines continued, citing Nintendo’s notoriety for meddling with the content that will go on their consoles.

Being one of the more prominent game makers in the industry today with a plethora of hit titles, if Bethesda ever comes on board, it will definitely be a boost in sales for Nintendo NX. So far, there have been a couple of titles already tipped to come with the device but no official list has come out.