Nintendo NX release date latest news: new controller, hybrid gaming capabilities among features


The last time the Nintendo brand was significant was with the popularity of its gaming console, the Wii U. But soon after, Microsoft and Sony devoured what was left of Nintendo’s share in the gaming console industry. Good news though, the Japanese tech giant is making a comeback with the planned release of the Wii U’s replacement the Nintendo NX.

Nintendo is riding high on the success of its “Pokmon GO” mobile game, and the multinational company would certainly want to follow that up with the Nintendo NX.

The latest reports claim that the upcoming console is going to be equipped with a new controller. According to The Week, there’s a good chance that the console will be equipped with an oval touchscreen controller with a couple of grips situated at the bottom part, while two large buttons are placed on either side.

Accordingly, the reason why Nintendo opted to do a re-design of the controller in its gaming console is to be able to make it useful for new apps. To recall, the design of the classic/traditional controller was intended for compatibility and convenience with Nintendo games.

It does make a lot of sense if a new controller design is introduced, especially if Nintendo intends to introduce new apps and games for the console.

Aside from the rumors of a new controller, the NX reportedly won’t need discs for games, suggesting that it could either require downloading titles or maybe use old game cartridges instead. Well, flash storage is something doable these days and it should be a practical option for Nintendo because it will be a lot more affordable to produce.

Finally, a report from Trusted Reviews reveals that there’s a possibility that the developers at Nintendo are looking at coming up with a hybrid device, where in one side, it could be used a traditional home gaming console, while on the other side, a handheld platform that can be carried and played anywhere.