Nintendo NX release date update: 'Pokmon' games coming to new console


The Pokmon Company, owner of several classic “Pokmon” games and other multimedia, always had this special relationship with the Japanese software and consumer electronics company, Nintendo, and just recently, both companies have once again expressed their mutual interest in working with each other, this time by announcing that “Pokmon” games will be made available to Nintendo’s upcoming game console called the NX.

It was actually The Pokmon Company’s CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara who finally gave confirmation after months of speculations from the legion of Pokmon fans that the games were potentially going to see a revival through the NX. Ishihara made the disclosure via a Wall Street Journal interview, although he failed to provide more details as to what games will be included once the Nintendo NX is officially launched in March 2017.

According to Polygon, Ishihara’s statement is merely a validation that his company will be developing new game titles for the upcoming game console from Nintendo. And as much as every fan of the “Pokmon” gaming franchise would want to hear more, it won’t be possible for the moment because the obvious truth is that they still don’t have a definite plan, only motivation.

But if one is to seriously consider a report from U.K. based publication MCV, then there could be a glimmer of hope that at least one “Pokmon” game will come with the Nintendo NX’s release next year. According to the report, game developer Game Freak is currently working on hand-held optimized games “Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon” for the Nintendo 3DS. And because the NX is being marketed as something that will bridge the gap between home consoles and hand-held gaming, then it’s possible that the upcoming games could very well be introduced to the NX as well.

However, everything is mere speculation for the moment and the question of whether or not a “Pokmon” game becomes readily available for the Nintendo NX can only be answered when the console is launched next year.