Niantic cancels release of latest ‘Pokemon GO’ update, cites major bugs

A promotional image of the Raid Battles in "Pokemon GO." (

With the recent hiccups “Pokemon GO” experienced in their live events, Niantic Labs is making sure to address everything accordingly. They will seem to do so, even if it means canceling a timely update.

According to a report from, a Niantic representative confirmed that they have suspended the latest “Pokemon GO” update. The development came out via a Reddit post last Wednesday.

“We are aware of a latency issue affecting battling in Pokémon GO version 0.71.0,” wrote the Niantic rep. “We are currently investigating potential resolutions. Although this issue only affects a small subset of users, we are suspending the rollout of the release while we continue to work towards delivering a better experience.”

The latest update showcased some key improvements and additions led by the appearance of Generation 3 Pokemon in the game. Moreover, it also offered a number of bug fixes, as well as a brand new egg incubator.

However, complaints hounded the update, as players started posting their issues online. Several players noticed some lagging and stuttering on their battles, especially during raids. The lag and freezing issues caused players to miss the timing of their attacks and dodges.

The Niantic rep also sent a follow-up post on Reddit, saying the rollout of the updates will be staggered. They opted to use this approach so they can easily suspend an update in case it needs to be further polished.

The “Pokemon GO Pikachu Outbreak” held recently in Japan ended on a high note. The event drew more than two million participants in Yokohama who caught over 120 million Pokemon for the week. Forbes reported that Niantic coordinated with all the major carriers in Japan to prevent any data-related problems.

In addition, they also picked a huge area to hold the event, which gave players more room to navigate and catch more Pokemon.

With Niantic’s recent steps, both old and new players should expect to enjoy a more seamless gaming experience very soon.