Nexus 5 2015 release date: Google-Huawei handset coming with Snapdragon 810 or 820 in Q4?


Earlier this year, there were rumors that Huawei and Google will pair up for an upcoming Nexus device. Now, a Twitter post from industry leaker Evan Blass gave more reason to believe the partnership. Blass even mentioned the specs and possible release timing of the upcoming handset.

According to the leak, the phone is rumored to be a 5.7 inch with Quad HD display running at Android M operating system and Snapdragon 820 processor. It will have a 16 MP back camera with dual LED flash. The device will also come either with 32GB or 64GB internal storage, as well as a USB type C port, a 3100 mAh battery, and a fingerprint sensor. Additionally, the handset will be encased with metal covering similar to the designs that Samsung offers. These features are in sync with the leaked specs.

In his Twitter post, Blass said: “Huawei Nexus sounds impressive so far: 5.7″ QHD w/ metal body, SD820 SoC, fingerprint reader. Ships Q4,” as noted by MNR Daily.

However, Chinese Analyst Pan Jiutang said in a statement that the processor will come only in Snapdragon 810 instead of Snapdragon 820. The reason behind this claim is that Qualcomm will not release the 820 version before December this year and will make the new chipset available only around March next year, as noted by Latinospost.

Given that the Huawei-Google device pair up will likely come in November this year, the release timing of the chip is not in parallel with the timing of the phone launch. The same analyst added that the Xiaomi Mi 5 Plus will be the first device to have Snapdragon 820, as reported by the same news portal.

There are no official statements from Google and Huawei yet. If this device pushes through based on prediction, it will be the first of the Google-Huawei tie up.