New ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ trailer released; film set to premiere in LA

A promotional poster image for the live-action movie "Tokyo Ghoul." (Facebook/TokyoGhoulTV)

Manga-based Japanese horror-action film “Tokyo Ghoul” released its new trailer to the delight of fans worldwide. Adding to the excitement from the new trailer is the announcement of the film’s launch. The live action movie will premiere in Los Angeles next month.

Variety reported that the live-action movie will come out in the star-studded city at Anime Expo 2017. To be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the premiere takes the hit manga to the big screens ahead of a limited run. After the premiere, “Tokyo Ghoul” will also roll out to 23 different countries across the globe.

“Tokyo Ghoul” is also the debut feature film of director Kentaro Hagiwara. He bagged the Sundance/NHK International Filmmaker Award back in 2013. He directed the film “Spectacled Tiger” at that time. The romantic, coming-of-age film revolves around a trivia quiz wunderkind who lives in a world where only black or white and right or wrong exist.

As for “Tokyo Ghoul,” the story tackles the life of a young boy named Kaneki. He became half-human and half-ghoul after an unfortunate accident. Ghouls are creatures who feed on human, and they are spreading across Japan’s capital.

The film stars Masataka Kubota in the lead role, with Yu Aoi playing Rise. Some of the recently-announced cast members include Seika Furuhata as Yoriko Kosaka, Shunya Shiraishi as Nishiki Nishio, and Tomoya Maeno as detective Ippei Kusaba. Also appearing are Ryo Iwamatsu as Dr. Akihiro Kano, and Dankan playing Hisashi Ogura.

The “Tokyo Ghoul” manga reaped success during its run from 2011 to 2014. It also sold over 23 million copies. The series has also been adapted to other platforms like animation and gaming. It will be interesting to see if the franchise’s success will rub off on the film adaptation.

Meanwhile, Anime Mojo reported that Yōjirō Noda of J-rock band RADWIMPS took care of the film’s theme song.

“Tokyo Ghoul” opens in Japan on July 29. Details on the limited engagement run will reportedly come out soon.