New ‘Overwatch’ and ‘South Park’ keychains unveiled by Funko

An image of the Fuko Pop Keychains featuring characters from "Overwatch." (

Funko Pop has been a major hit for its figurines that give a cool twist to some of the most iconic characters from comics, movies, and TV series. This time, the company is looking to strengthen one of its lines. It plans to do so with the help of a hit video game and a popular cartoon series.

The company revealed this week its new set of Pocket Pop Keychains. This new line features some key characters from, “Overwatch,” Blizzzard’s hit video game, and “South Park,” an adult animated sitcom. The characters for the “Overwatch” keychains feature Reaper and Tracer, while “South Park” features Zombie Kenny and Mysterion.

The new “Overwatch” keychains will come out in July. On the other hand, the “South Park” keychains are scheduled for June, said a report from Gamespot. According to Funko Pop’s website, they will also release “Overwatch” figurines this month. These figurines will be of Tracer and Reaper, together with Widowmaker and Winston.

As for South Park, they have already released a number of figurines that include Butters, Cartman, and Ike Broflovski.

In other “Overwatch” news, the game is rumored to be preparing for a big event to celebrate its first anniversary. Moreover, a report from Gamespot also mentioned that it may also be releasing a Game of the Year Edition.

The rumor was further strengthened by True Achievements who reportedly discovered a listing for a Game of the Year Edition for “Overwatch” for the Xbox platform. It will reportedly be released on May 23. True Achievements reported that the game will be a full one. The report mentioned that it will come with 10 Bonus Loot Boxes complete with cosmetic items, which can be used on the game’s heroes.

Furthermore, the description also said that the game will feature Origin Skins for five heroes. It will also add a Tracer Hero, which can be used in “Heroes of the Storm,” and a Baby Winston Pet for “World of Warcraft.”