New 'No Man's Sky' trailer gives a look at infinite worlds, still no word on release date


A new No Man’s Sky trailer has arrived.

The new trailer, entitled Infinite Worlds, gave players a closer look into the boundless universe of the game. The journey through the universe of No Man’s Sky would be technically boundless, with almost 18 quintillion planets waiting to be discovered and explored by players.

However, as much as the trailer provides a very good teaser, it still lacks a concrete release date at the end. With all the hype and high expectations that surround the game, this will not be a very big issue.

Just recently, IGN was able to score an interview with Hello Games founder Sean Murray, as he explained the game’s economy and trading details.

“We want trading to be fun. We want it to be understandable, because already the game’s already quite large,” he said.

As Murray puts it, everyone would probably be dead when all the planets in the game has been exhausted and discovered.

“We are trying to simulate a universe that has trade, has traders, has different factions…” he went on.

Resources can also be obtained by crafting items from materials scavenged and then selling them at trading ports and space stations. Players who do not wish to do it this way can just buy an item at a certain port or space station and then sell it on another space stationwhere sometimes, prices skyrocket because of certain rarity.

No Man’s Sky is set for an indefinite release for the PlayStation 4 and PC.