New Nintendo Switch update lets users find controllers through vibration

A product display featuring the Nintendo Switch. (Facebook/NintendoSwitch)

There are instances when gamers misplace their console’s controllers, which take some of their time away from playing. Luckily, Nintendo Switch’s latest update tries to resolve the problem in an interesting manner.

The gaming giant’s support page announced the Version 3.00 update, which allows gamers to “find paired controllers within communication range by activating the vibration feature.” To activate the feature, players just need to select “Controllers” then click “Find Controllers.”

YouTube user and gamer Balrog shared a video of the feature in action, showing the controllers vibrating with a honking sound.

Apart from the game-tracking feature, the latest patch notes also offer many other updates concerning functionality and general system improvements. Players can now add their friends from Nintendo 3DS and Wii U friend lists and receive notifications whenever their friends go online. They can also lower the max volume for their speakers or headphones that are connected to the jack.

In addition, they can now change the display colors to Grayscale or Invert Colors, depending on their preferences. Moreover, the update also resolves the issue that causes game software updates to fail; and applies improvements that keep unwanted HDMI input change with certain TV models while the Switch in on Sleep Mode.

Meanwhile, Gamespot reported that an SNES-style controller for the Switch console will come out this year. Developed by 8Bitdo, the replica of the iconic SNES controller called SNES30 will bring a lot to the table. It will feature USB-C, rumble vibration, motion controls, Bluetooth, and LEDs that serve as player indicators.

For gamers who grew up using the Japanese version of the SNES, a controller fashioned after the Super Famicom controller will also come out. As for the hardcore arcade gamers who wish to relive the old days, there is the NES30 Arcade Stick. The controllers are also compatible with PC, as well as mobile devices, the report added.

The retro controllers will launch during the holidays.