‘New Girl’ season 7 news: Fox finally announces show’s renewal

A promotional image for the comedy series"New Girl." (Facebook/NewGirlonFOX)

Fox’s hit TV sitcom “New Girl” finally gets renewed. However, it needed to go through roller coaster ride that nearly saw its seventh season come to a crashing end.

The show was finally renewed by Fox last Sunday, just 24 hours before the network giant presented its 2017-2018 line up to its advertisers. The development was likewise confirmed by one of the show’s stars Jake Johnson. On Twitter, Johnson said, “#NewGirl has been picked up for 8 final episodes! Very excited to be able to finish what we started. Also Happy Mother’s Day, ladies.”

Another report from Deadline shares the hurdles the show had to go through before securing a renewal. One of the alleged reasons that put the show in peril was Zooey Deschanel. It can be noted that the actress went on a maternal leave after giving birth to her second child. Another factor is that most of its cast members were reported to be unavailable until fall.

Add that to Fox not having available space for a mid-season schedule, the plug for “New Girl” was nearly pulled.

The report also says that the tides were turned when the show’s creator and executive producer Liz Meriwehter pulled off a last-minute call and presented an arc for a seventh and final season.

Meanwhile, a report from Digital Spy speculates that the upcoming season will feature the main characters enjoying some memorable milestones. One of which, could be a wedding involving the characters Jess played by Deschanel and Nick played by Johnson.

Furthermore, there are also rumors that the pitch for the final season sets the characters three years after the Season 6 finale, which got everyone excited.

“New Girl” is arguably one of the most successful comedy shows Fox has had in a very long time. It has reportedly raked $900,000 per episode when it became the first SVOD sale of an ongoing comedy series to Netflix. In addition, it is still Fox’s highest rated comedy TV series after six strong seasons.