'New Girl' season 5 spoilers: Cece moves into the loft, offered a new job; Schmidt's dad is in town


Fans of Fox’s hit comedy show “New Girl” has recently seen the show attaining a great milestone as it marks the 100th episode in the series. Presumably to commemorate the installment, lead star Zooey Deschanel returns after taking a maternity leave.

Deschanel, who plays the goofy protagonist Jess, returns to the loft when she finished jury sequestration, and guest star Megan Fox, who portrays Reagan, prepares to move out. The two formed some sort of a unique bond as they were both linked to Nick (Jake Johnson).

Following their meet up, next week’s episode, titled “The Apartment,” will show Cece (Hannah Simone) moving in with them. However, she may have a hard time saying goodbye to her beloved apartment and may need Jess’ help in moving out. Meanwhile, Jess will have to finish the school’s budget in a short span of time as the school’s new principal Becky Cavatappi (Elizabeth Berkley) neglected to tell her about the deadline.

Moreover, Winston (Lamorne Morris) will have a new partner named Dunston (Sam Richardson) as he avoids working alongside Aly (Nasim Pedrad).

Down the pipeline, Cece will receive a new job offer as she starts a new life with Schmidt (Max Greenfield). Jess will help the latter with his wedding preparations, but things will not go as planned with Schmidt’s dad Gavin (Peter Gallagher) suddenly appearing in the apartment. On the other hand, Winston and Nick argue over whose job is more difficult.

Next week’s episode “The Apartment” is slated to air on March 15, to be followed by “D-Day” on March 22, both at the same timeslot at 8 P.M. EST.

On a related note, Deschanel revealed the reason behind her daughter’s unique name during her recent appearance on daytime talkshow “Ellen.”

The actress previously announced that she named her daughter Elsie Otter, and the new mom has set the record straight about her 7-month’s old moniker. When asked by host Ellen Degeneres, “Is that a family name?” Deschanel humorously quipped with, “In the sense that we’re all mammals.”

“Elsie’s kind of a classic name. A lot of people have grandmas and aunts named Elsie. And then the middle name can be a little wild,” she further explained.