New Girl season 5 premiere, spoilers: Jess to miss first four episodes on jury duty; Schmidt obsessed with wedding planning


Zooey Deschanel’s Jess will be missing in the first four episodes of New Girl Season 5 as the show gives way to the actress’ real life pregnancy.

Episode 1 which is entitled ‘No Girl’ will definitely be a major change for loyal viewers as it focuses on the male members of the cast, said show creator Liz Meriweather, reported Realty Today.

“The first episode without her is actually called ‘No Girl.’ People are going to be asking, ‘How are they going to pull this off?’ I’m kind of asking that question of myself. I directed the first episode without Zooey, that’s the last one we shot this year, and it’s really funny. It’s a guys’ episode. It’s an opportunity to stretch ourselves … Or it will be a total disaster, and then she’ll come back,” she said.

Deschanel will be returning to the show and start appearing in the fifth episode.

According to Meriweather, in order to justify why the main star is missing in multiple episodes of her own show, the writing team devised a storyline where Jess gets sequestered on a jury in L.A. She said fans should expect the pastel courtroom sketches to be super funny in typical New Girl style.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Meriweather also shared some juicy info on the Schmidt-Cece wedding.

“We also really love Schmidt and Cece together. They’re funny. It felt like a way of generating story and comedy. Schmidt, in our idea for the season, becomes obsessed with the wedding planning in the way that, stereotypically, a woman would. He is very focused on throwing the best wedding of all time,” she said.

Nick will also be owning a part of the bar that he is working for in the upcoming season so this will also mark a huge development for his character.

No exact date has yet been confirmed for Fox’s release of the new season.