'New Girl' cast news: Max Greenfield talks about his role and show's development


From being an overweight collegian to an uptight, germ-freak womanizer, and to becoming a loving husband, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) has evolved for the best. He is one of the most appealing characters in the “New Girl” sitcom, and the actor who portrays the characters seems to like his playboy character.

“I think he was supposed to be a real playboy and ladies’ man, and then he fell in love and it ruined everything. It takes away a very fun aspect of playing the character,” Greenfield explained during his talk with Entertainment Weekly.

Greenfield also enjoys it when Schmidt tried to discuss sports. As for the funny accent, the actor admitted that he intended to mispronounce some words.

After five seasons, Schmidt is now married to former model Cece (Hannah Simone), who is also Jess’ (Zooey Deschanel) best friend. The Golden Globe awards nominee indicated that the couple will soon move out from the loft and probably start a family.

“I can only imagine they’ve gotta have kids at some point,” the 36-year-old actor stated. He confirmed that the moving out is going to be a huge deal in the show’s sixth season.

Apart from Schmidt, it looks like everyone in apartment 4D has matured. Nick is (Jake Johnson) an author now, and he is in a relationship with Reagan (Megan Fox), Winston’s (Lamorne Morris) is planning to propose to Aly (Nasim Pedrad), and the bubbly Jess appears happy being single.

However, Greenfield denied that the characters have actually changed. According to him, the circumstances that they’re currently in have given them more serious responsibilities.

“But they always sort of, in moments of stress, whenever there’s any sort of pressure put on them, they sort of revert back to who we originally saw,” he shared.

In season 6’s Valentine’s Day episode, the well-known chef Gordon Ramsay guest-starred. The former “Ugly Betty” actor didn’t have a scene with the chef, but he thinks that the British restaurateur is a very nice and kind person.