'Need for Speed' beta codes: Ghost Games starts sending closed beta codes, game file size revealed


Check those email folders well, because somewhere over there might be the code for the closed beta for Need for Speed!

The developers are starting to send out beta codes to lucky chosen players, as announced through the game’s official Twitter account. The beta will be focusing on assisting the developers in making the game better and ready for launch.  Thus, as was previously announced, the beta access will not allow capturing and sharing of gameplay.

A user over at the NeoGAF forum who had already downloaded the beta game file revealed that the game file size is 19 GB worth.

In other news, according to their official update report, the PC version of Need for Speed will be delayed to a Spring 2016 release. This is so that the developers can deliver an unlocked frame rate for the PC version of the game. However, the original release date for the console version will remain the same.

“Part of the conversation includes hearing from our PC community that an unlocked frame rate in Need for Speed is a massive priority for you, and we fully agree,” they said. “To deliver this, we’ve made the decision to move the PC release date to Spring 2016. Our PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release dates will remain the same, starting November 3, 2015 in North America and November 5 worldwide.”

However, PC players won’t be left behind that much, as all updates from the launch of the console version up to day one for the OC version will be available for PC players as they get their copy of the game.

“This decision on PC gives us the necessary development time to increase the visuals that we can deliver on PC. We will also include content updates that will have been released on console up to that time, making them available to all PC players from day one,” said NeoGAF.