'NCIS' season 14 spoilers, news: new season promises more action


There is barely a month left before the new season of “NCIS” is set to air and the makers of the series are excited enough to reveal that the long running show will have more to offer this time. The fact that there have been several changes and additions to the cast is more than enough reason to really get upbeat about season 14.

Everyone already knows that Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) will no longer be appearing in the new season, but will the addition of a couple of new characters be enough to offset the exit of one of the most lovable characters in the CBS police procedural drama?

Per Christian Times, three new names are added to the upcoming season, including Duane Henry, who actually appeared in the last part of the previous season as MI6 agent Clayton Reeves. He reportedly has been given the green light as a series regular. Jennifer Esposito will also join the series as Special Agent Alex Quinn. Meanwhile, actor Wilmer Valderrama will be playing the role of Special Agent Nick Torres, who many believe is the character molded to replace DiNozzo. But will the ex-field agent who had a deep cover assignment in the past be able to fill those big shoes left by Weatherly’s character?

Moreover, The Bitbag notes that season 14 is expected to go back to the old concept of the series, especially since season 13 wasn’t really that much of a hit, resulting in rumors that it will finally meet its end. However, CBS proved that rumor wrong by confirming that “NCIS” is definitely a go for a 14th season.

Season 14 of the popular CBS series, “NCIS,” will be making its debut on Sept. 20, with a promise of more action-packed scenes and hopefully a set of new characters loyal viewers of the show will love.