'NCIS' season 14 news, spoilers: Sarah Clarke to join Wilmer Valderrama as new series regulars


Season 14 of the long running CBS police procedural television series “NCIS” will see the departure of Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony DiNozzo. However, the showrunners seem to be making up for it with the reported addition of Sarah Clarke as a series regular.

Clarke actually made a brief appearance in the series last season as Agent Tess Monroe, but a recent report said that she finally will be cast as a regular in the series, reprising the role, once the new season begins. Deadline reported about Clarke’s inclusion, but only as a guest for last season. However, the contract she signed offered her the option to become a regular in the next seasons.

It should be made clear though that there still is no official word from CBS, Clarke, or the showrunners about her addition to the series, but the same is expected once production begins. At this moment, it’s pretty clear that the development of the new season is still at its earliest stages and it’s wrong to speculate on what sort of role Clarke’s character would be playing.

If Clarke’s addition is confirmed, she will be the second new series regular to join the show, after CBS confirmed Wilmer Valderrama’s entry back in June. This also corresponds to speculations that the two are most likely going to be teaming up as the new characters for the show.

It still isn’t clear how the fans of “NCIS” will accept the transition come next season, especially since Weatherly has been a regular fixture in the series for quite some time now. Looking at the brighter side though, the addition of two new stars provides some fresh faces for a fresh season.

Season 14 of “NCIS” premieres on Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.