NCIS season 13 spoilers, cast news: Jon Cryer cast as surgeon Dr Taft to save Gibbs


NCIS will return for its 13<sup>th season with new cast to join the set.

Jon Cryer will join NCIS as Dr. Taft, a surgeon who has the responsibility to save the life of Gibbs (Mark Harmon) after the protagonist was shot in the previous season. He described his character as “He’s kind of the Jeff Goldblum of naval surgeons. Bit of a wiseass. Way too comfortable making jokes in the operating room. Can probably play a mean jazz piano,” as indicated in Entertainment Weekly.

It turns out that Cryer has been interested in joining the cast ever since, but now that he will be part of the series, the role given is not what he have in mind. He said, “I always wanted to be one of the characters who die entertainingly in the first two minutes of the show. Then you’d see me dead on a slab in Ducky’s lab with my genitals all lit up later on,” in a report by TV Line. To give him a deeper look at the role, he spent a day with a surgeon, where they ended up standing behind him during scene shoots.

Cryer will appear in the first three episodes of season 13. This means that Gibbs will more likely survive his ordeal, thanks to his surgeon. In the storyline, Fashion & Style reported that he and Gibbs will develop an interesting relationship. Cryer said, “So far, the writers have only hinted at the depths of him. What I’m looking forward to is seeing his friendship with Gibbs. He’s not the kind of guy Gibbs usually talks to.”

NCIS is an American action drama series revolving around the story of a fictional team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service conducting criminal investigation for the US Navy and Marine Corps. It initially started its first two episodes in a series spin-off called JAG on 2003. It has aired 12 seasons to date and was renewed for its thirteenth installment on May this year.

The first episode of season 13 will premiere on September 22, 2015.