'NCIS' season 13 news: Possible exit plots for Michael Weatherly's Tony DiNozzo revealed


Police procedural “NCIS” has already started planting seeds in preparation for Michael Weatherly’s exit from the show.

Last week, the long time running series continues to develop story plots for DiNozzo (Weatherly), building his character and giving him a good reason to leave his post at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). The episode titled “Charade,” saw the Senior NCIS Special Agent as the victim of identity theft after two agents pretended to be him and tried blackmailing a couple of senators. While DiNozzo was able to find who the perpetrators were, it came in as a shock to him as it turned out that an old flame was the person behind the whole scheme.

DiNozzo was obviously shaken with what happened furthered by the heckling of the two agents. It led to him starting to doubt if he was still effective in his job. He then asked McGee (Sean Murray), “You’d tell me, right, if I was losing my edge, the Dinozzo edge? Because I feel like it… Sometimes, I feel like I don’t know who I am.” Given this, rumor has it that DiNozzo will feel work fatigue and eventually retire from his job as a route for Weatherly to leave the show.

There is also the angle of bringing Ziva David (Cote de Pablo)  back into the picture as the comment about his goldfish putting on weight may be a double innuendo pertaining to Ziva’s pregnancy. Shall this come into fruition, DiNozzo with fatherhood looming on him may just be the perfect exit for the agent much like how “Criminal Minds” dealt with Shemar Moore’s departure from the show.

As previously reported, fans have been clamoring for a re-appearance from Ziva to formally close the cliffhanger relationship she had with DiNozzo, and this may be a good way to give them what they wanted before Weatherly leaves.

Meanwhile, “NCIS” season 13 is currently on a one-week hiatus and will come back next week with a case that will see the FBI and Homeland Security working hand-in-hand after two British prisoners were able to escape and get into U.S. soil.

The official synopsis of the episode as reported by The Futon Critic reads, “Gibbs and Senior FBI Agent T.C. Fornell (Joe Spano) unite after two British prisoners, including a former spy, escape and arrive stateside via a shipping container. Also, McGee is busy apartment hunting and determined to find out how DiNozzo purchased his lavish place.”

“NCIS” season 13 airs every Tuesday night, 8 P.M. EST on CBS.