NBA trade rumors: New York Knicks targeting point guard Brandon Jennings


NBA teams are already gearing up for some serious negotiations once the unofficial trading season starts on Tuesday. This kicks off the period where teams can begin shipping rookies as well as signing off season free agents in preparation for the upcoming play-offs for a better bid at the championship. From the looks of it, a lot of teams are actually in unison thinking that Brandon Jennings can make their team better despite coming from a ruptured Achilles injury that cut his stint short last season.

Jennings had formidable 15.6 points per game average in his previous outing. This is a good number for a point guard whose main job inside the court is to create opportunities for his teammates. Given his multi-faceted game, the 6-foot-1 guard is definitely an attractive player in the trading block shall he continue his earlier showing.

Chances of Jennings landing a new team solidified when Detroit Pistons decided to make Reggie Jackson, who was acquired through a trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder, their main guy in the number one spot while Jennings was out for the season. Jackson and the Pistons inked an $80 million contract during the off season for five years leaving Jennings with not enough room to perform in the team.

“If Jennings can show he still has bounce and can attack, the Pistons may find themselves with some duplication they don’t have a lot of minutes for with Reggie Jackson clearly their starting point guard,” Basketball Insider’s Steve Kyler commented.

“There is a sense that Jennings will be moved at some point, especially if he can return some frontcourt depth for Detroit; however there is also a sense that Detroit isn’t in any hurry to make a change either,” he furthered.

A strong contender in acquiring the Compton-native pro baller is the New York Knicks which is in dire need of a pair of steady hands in the back court. A report by The New York Post cited the team having a heavy font line up but lacking an efficient player to bring down the ball and orchestrate the team’s play inside the court which is a match to Jennings’s arsenal.