NBA trade rumors: DeMarcus Cousins tipped to be traded by Sacramento Kings


A week into the NBA season, teams scramble to achieve their best formula for winning, getting the chance to see if their players perform up to par and what they have to do to fix issues they face, with the trade deadline looming in February. In the NBA, it’s not unheard of for several players to get shifted when teams work to acquire draft picks, shed some salary, or rebuild their teams. 

Sacramento Kings is one such team said to be looking for a possible fix by trading their player DeMarcus Cousins who is reportedly at odds with its head coach George Carl. With career highs across the board in points (24.1), assists (3.6), rebounds (12.6), and blocks (1.7) last year, this All-Star game player has evolved into the league’s best center. In September 2013, he signed for a $62-million four-year extension, undoubtedly making him the new face of the franchise.

However, this 25-year-old athlete has been seen as a continual sore in- and off-court, with his immature outbursts fans have been hoping he would grow out of. Instead of picking up leadership and becoming an example at their games, the team performed with a shaky 4-7 season start and has created a schism between Kings’ players with Cousins at the fore and its coach Karl. 

The team’s hope to become a serious contender for this season has not quite worked out and, instead, has found Sacramento with bottom standings at the Western Conference. Of course, Karl holds a record of 13-26 since he’s been head coach, but coaches do not win seasons alone. Without Sacramento Kings’ players’ support, winning may just slip out of reach. 

Trade may be the only way out for Sacramento if it has to consider the team’s welfare for the season, and with Cousins being a talented player, it may not be too difficult to find a trading partner in teams such as Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic. Speaking of the Celts, the Boston Herald writes that the team has not been in any talks with the Sacramento team for Cousins and that, with the risk involved in taking on the emotional Cousins, the price is just “too steep.” 

Boston Herald quoted a Western Conference general manager as saying, “Leaving his problems out of it for a second, there’s no question the kid is good. But they’ve had him way overpriced. I don’t even want to think about what they’d want from Boston.” 

And he went on, “You know what they asked the Lakers for? The No. 2 (overall) pick last draft, the one the Lakers used on DeAngelo Russell, and the Lakers’ top pick from the year before, (Julius) Randle. Do you believe that?”

Cousins is still under contract for two more years, until 2018.