NBA news: Jeremy Lin continues to be surrounded by trading rumors


It has been somewhat of a redemption season for NBA player Jeremy Lin. Dubbed worldwide as “Linsanity” after a phenomenal showing in 2012 under the New York Knicks, the 27-year-old baller has been moving from one team to another until he found the Charlotte Hornets. He signed a $4 million deal for a two-year duration with the team.

In a report by Sports Vice, Lin talked about the uncertain turnaround of his career this summer when he went to free agent status. “Funny how God works things out. Charlotte wasn’t on the top six list, but I ended up here. Honestly, that’s how it always ends up for me. It’s never the way I planned it or imagined going into anything. Ever. So I wasn’t surprised. I’ll be surprised when things are pretty smooth and clear,” the point guard said.

Now, he plays as the sixth man of the Hornets ball club, effectively producing an average of 12 points per ball game and a couple of other stats in assists and rebounds including an ankle breaker against no other than Lebron James during their recent game. With this, his now coach Steve Clifford has nothing but good things to say about him.

In the same article by Sports Vice, the former assistant coach of the Los Angeles Lakers was quoted in saying, “One of the biggest things, the way the league is going, is that he can play two spots. So he could both play with [Hornets starting point guard] Kemba [Walker], and then he can play as the point guard…. I’ve always liked the way that he played, and then, working for Mike d’Antoni, Mike always wanted to find a way to get him on his team again.”

Despite playing tremendously, Lin is still haunted by numerous trade rumors. The most persistent one suggests that he will be shipped to defending champions Golden State Warriors. This news was fortunately shot down early due to the fact that both Lin and the Warriors are doing well in their respective games in the ongoing season. The Warriors are still unbeaten and sits comfortably at the top of the standing with an 18-0 card while Lin’s Hornets are stable with a 10-7 card.