NBA news 2016: LeBron James rips on veterans who criticize Stephen Curry; Chris Bosh gives update on health status


Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James sent a message to the critics of reigning Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry.

Over the past few weeks, Curry has been bombarded with criticism by the likes of Oscar Robertson, who dismissed the young player’s skills by saying it’s because of “what’s going on in basketball today.”

James indirectly responded to Robertson’s claim, speaking to USA Today Sports, where he did clarify that he still respects the legends who paved the way for them, the younger superstars.

“I’ve always been respectful, so it does kind of suck when you’ve got guys who played before us and paved the way for us (and) …they like to talk down on a lot of our players, saying, ‘Well if they played in our era it wouldn’t be the same,'” James said.

“I’m never one to talk down on a group of guys,” he added. “If they can play, they can play.”

James goes on to say that each generation paves the way for another generation, just like how Kobe’s generation paved the way for younger generations and how James’ generation is also paving the way for Curry’s generation of players. They just have to respect and understand that and not let any criticism coming from other generations affect them so much.

Meanwhile, Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh gave some updates regarding the status of his current physical condition.

In February 2015, Bosh was found to have a blood clot on one of his lungs, and he was deemed unable to play for the remainder of the last season. He was finally able to return to action this season but was again forced out of the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend due to another blood clot in his leg.

But despite the situation, Bosh remains positive about his comeback, noting that his condition is not, in any way, life-threatening. He also noted that he has been closely working with the team and medical experts to help speed his healing process along.

“I have been working out, training with the team, watching film of the games, walking through plays, and have attended home games despite not being visible to the public,” an excerpt of Bosh’s official statement reads.