NBA free agency 2016 news: Dallas Mavericks go all out, offer Harrison Barnes max deal


One of the hottest commodities in the National Basketball Association (NBA) free agency this year is Golden State Warriors forward Harrison Barnes, and although the versatile player had a horrible performance in his team’s loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals, the Dallas Mavericks still think he deserves a max offer.

ESPN first reported that Dallas is committed to giving the 24-year-old athlete a four-year max contract worth about $95 million, although no one’s confirming it as of the moment because any signing won’t start until July 7. But because Barnes is a restricted free agent, Golden State has the right to match any offer from other teams.

So is Barnes really jumping ship and joining the Mavericks next season?

Well, the answer to that depends on whether or not the Warriors will get the services of another free agent, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. If the team fails to avail of Durant’s services, then it is likely that Barnes will re-sign. But if Durant decides to join Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in “Dub Nation,” it no longer will make any sense for the team to match the offer from the Mavericks.

The Mavericks know for a fact that the Warriors aren’t going to easily give Barnes up, especially with his versatility, contributing on both ends of the court. However, they wouldn’t get the opportunity to grab him if they don’t offer the max deal. Barnes, for his part, should be a very interesting addition to a Dallas team that no longer will have Chandler Parsons. The impending retirement of superstar Dirk Nowitzki also means that Mark Cuban’s team will need someone young and athletic who can bring the team to another championship run.

The seventh overall draft pick of the 2012 NBA Draft played college ball at North Carolina. He immediately became the team’s starting small forward from the get go, although he was relegated to the bench in the past couple of seasons after the rebirth of veteran Andre Iguodala.