‘NBA 2K18’ latest news: 2K reveals social space that offers in-game haircuts and tattoo services

A screenshot from the "Run The Neighborhood" trailer for NBA 2K18. (YouTube/NBA2K)

As the new NBA season draws near, “NBA 2K18” continues to reveal new details about the upcoming video game. This time, the developers confirmed a new social space that brings an interesting value for gamers in terms of personalizing their players.

The space called Neighborhoods gives gamers a place where they can have their favorite players hang out with others. Moreover, it also offers services that help customize and personalize the players. Gamespot reported that the space looks like a few city blocks, with different establishments offering various kinds of services.

Some of the most notable ones include a barber shop called Doc’s where players can get a quick trim. Another is a tattoo shop for those who want to get one for their favorite NBA superstars. 2K also released a short video featuring The Neighborhoods, where they said that players “don’t just play the game, you live it.” The video showcased some of the key areas found in the social space like an arcade called The Zone.

There is also the Swag’s where gamers can purchase different kinds of off-court, casual clothing for their players. Moreover, there are also some household names like Foot Locker where players can get brand new sneakers for their players.

2K explained that the Neighborhoods serve as a point where the MyPark, Pro-Am, and MyCareer modes meet. It is basically a place where gamers can increase the stock and abilities of their players until they reach superstar levels.

Meanwhile, 2K also unveiled the updated “NBA 2K18” cover. It now features Kyrie Irving wearing a Boston Celtics jersey. Last month, 2K was put in a tight spot when Irving, who was then with the Cleveland Cavaliers, was traded to the Boston Celtics in a blockbuster deal.

Additionally, they also revealed that former NBA superstars Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett will be part of the game. The two, however, will not be joining the action on the court, rather, they will serve as guest commentators.