'NBA 2K17' locker codes coming soon? what to expect


There have been recent reports that locker codes for the much awaited sports game, “NBA 2K17,” would soon be revealed and might go out via a massive leak, as the first batch of locker codes for the upcoming game are said to be ready.

In a report by FX News Call, it was said that the feature of locker codes would make a comeback for the upcoming “NBA 2K17.” The feature was first introduced in the current installment, “NBA 2K16,” and it was received positively by the fans. While nothing has been confirmed as of the moment, speculations have started to rise that the first batch of the locker codes are now ready to use, even if the game itself is not yet released.

In the “NBA 2K” game series, locker codes refer to in-game codes that are periodically released by the game developer, 2K Games, and these codes are used in order to unlock in-game bonus items, such as a shirt, a jersey, or even player customization features. More often than not, locker codes released in the past also included in-game cheats that would give players who use them an advantage in the game. Possible advantages include rapid levelling, skill tweaking and the like all used for entertainment and for personal use only.

“NBA 2K17” is now available for pre-order. A total of three variants are available, two of which are packaged as special Kobe Bryant editions. The Kobe Bryant Legend Edition is priced at $79.99 and comes with a limited edition Kobe Bryant poster, as well as exclusive in-game items for free. Meanwhile, the Kobe Bryant Legend Gold Edition is available for $99.99 and it includes 70,000 Virtual Credits, two MyTEAM Bundle packs, a Nike Kobe shoe collection, and a Black Mamba controller skin, among others.

The third version is the standard edition, which has Indiana Pacers player Paul George as the cover athlete. This one would cost $59.99, with bonus content including 5,000 worth of Virtual Currency and a MyTEAM Bundle containing a Paul George free agent card inside it.

“NBA 2K17” is set to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Sept. 20.