'NBA 2K17' release, gameplay news: players ready to create their own league?


“NBA 2K17” is one of the most anticipated sports games that is part of the “NBA 2K” franchise that is released every year. Every time a new “NBA 2K” launches, new features are added to the game as well. “NBA 2K16” offered a story mode for their customized NBA player. This time, “NBA 2K17” steps up a notch since players will now have the opportunity to expand the league by making their own teams.

According to reports, players will be able to create their own league, and it was also said that the new installment will have the capability to expand up to 36 teams. That is pretty impressive especially for players who wanted their own NBA fantasy draft.

The new game will also delve in to new territories, such as managing new franchises and combining it with drafting and free agency. It will give more players freedom to handle their own basketball league. In addition to customizing the league, players can create teams in the league with past players that have already retired. They can even combine with the new rebranded teams, and even teams from the European continent. Overall, the new installment will include a feature that goes off-court.

According to Erick Boenisch, the senior producer of “NBA 2K17,” the game will include 10 pre-built teams to give players a head start in creating their own league. There will also be an online kit that will be provided in creating the new league.

Furthermore, a new team the Aussie Boomers will also be included in the game. One of the players of the team, Patty Mills, mentioned, “This is the first time the Australian national team will be involved in the game.”

Mills appeared to be very excited about the addition. He further commented about what he might look like in the game, “I think my beard has grown a little bit since then. But it’s good, they do a great job.”

“NBA 2K17” is slated to be released on Sept. 20.