'NBA 2K17' news: 2K Sports expecting major changes because of Stephen Curry


The “NBA” video game series of 2K Sports has always prided itself as being a reflection of what is happening in the current basketball season, from player line-ups to player stats. For “NBA 2K16,” however, the exceptional performance of one player, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, is making them rethink how they will make the next installment of the series, “NBA 2K17.”

In an interview with IGN, 2K Sports’ Mike Wang, who is the gameplay director of “NBA 2K16,” admitted that they had to adjust the game’s system that it had been using throughout  the years because of Curry’s performance. He said, “it’s not as much about changing Curry himself, as it is changing the way to succeed while using him as player.” In the game, Curry’s avatar abides by the same rules that apply to other player avatars. However, in real life, Curry is “outperforming” his avatar, taking extraordinary shots and moves that make him the extraordinary player that he is.

Wang added, “For Steph, we need to re-define those rules so that his virtual character is able to make some of the insane plays that he makes in real life on a more regular basis.” They have already made adjustments to Curry’s in-game gameplay to reflect his real-life performance. According to IGN, there are also plans to “change the shot system” to “fully realize the uniqueness of Steph’s play.”

In other news, 2K Sports is asking for help from its fan base to determine what player celebrations they will add in the upcoming “NBA 2K17.” According to a report in Attack of the Fanboy, community manager Chris Manning posted the following on Twitter: “If you see any celebrations you’d like to see in NBA 2K17, use hashtag #SigNation. Post videos/gifs if possible as well.” Fans need to tweet Chris Manning (@LD2K) and Ronnie Singh (@Ronnie2K) with the proper hashtags in order for their suggestions to be considered.