'NBA 2K17' locker codes: Some 'NBA 2K16' locker codes still work in this year's game?


Gamers have been playing “NBA 2K17” for a couple of weeks now, and apparently, some of the locker codes that worked on “NBA 2K16” still work in the new game.

Sources say that several “NBA 2K16” locker codes like PARKSWAG and SHOOT2MUCH500 still work and players can still get 500 virtual currency (VC) each when they enter the codes.

Other codes that allegedly work in this year’s game include KEEPTHECHANGE (750 VC), IWATCHEDNBA2KTV (1,000 VC), #2KTVPOSTSEASON (1,000 VC), BETTERTHANAGIFTCARD (2,000 VC), and PAYRESPECT for an ABA Ball.

Players can also gain a random item by entering MYSTERY. Furthermore, players can also get a 2K shirt for their MyPlayer character when #2KTVHEYGUYS is entered. These locker codes haven’t been verified yet, but it doesn’t hurt to try them out. Furthermore, it should be noted that this could be a glitch, and 2K Sports and their developers might be working on a new patch already to take care of this.

Obtaining locker codes is good; however, new players should also know how to redeem them. To redeem the locker codes, players should access the game first and then click on the Options/Features in the main menu. After that, select the Locker Codes option and enter the code. It’s that simple.

Meanwhile, players who bought a copy of “NBA 2K17” and two bags of Ruffles at Walmart between Sept. 10 and Oct. 2 can still get 5,000 VC and two Jump Packs of Park Cards until the promo ends on Nov. 15. To enter, the buyer has to take a photo that proves that the items were bought at Walmart. The photo should be emailed to [email protected] The promo is limited to ten submissions per buyer.

Readers are advised to be extra careful when trying to get locker codes from dubious websites that ask site visitors to answer a number of questions. These sites may be a front for scammers to steal someone’s personal data, so be cautious.