'NBA 2K17' release date: Main cover to be announced in June; to be released in September


With the “Legend Edition” of the upcoming latest installment in the “NBA 2K” series, “NBA 2K17,” featuring the officially retired Kobe Bryant, the star athlete set to grace the cover of the standard version of the game will reportedly be announced in June.

It was a little over a month ago when the Los Angeles Lakers lost their star shooting guard as Kobe Bryant played his last game with the team against the Utah Jazz for a final Lakers’ victory of 101-96. At the same time, 2K Games announced the newest iteration of the “NBA 2K” series with the upcoming “NBA 2K17” and stated that the outgoing Bryant will be forever immortalized by the company as the star of the game’s cover.

But instead of gracing the cover of the game’s regular edition, the Black Mamba’s legend will be framed in a more appropriate way: with the “NBA 2K17: Legend Edition.” The same announcement stated that the star athlete who will grace the game’s cover edition will be announced sometime in June.

With May coming to an end and June right around the corner, the name and face of who will stand right alongside the Black Mamba will soon be announced. With June comes this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), so it is assumed that 2K Games will announce the model for the “NBA 2K17” standard edition there.

Beyond the game’s cover, “NBA 2K17” will also try to bring some new tweaks to the “NBA 2K” series. Among those new tweaks will be updates to the game’s mechanics, specifically with how it handles basket shots that are historically treated as “bad.”

One player who is famous for making historically bad shots is Stephen Curry. While Curry’s in-game version plays by the game’s mechanics and rules just like everybody else, doing so goes against the essence of trying to accurately portray the Golden State Warriors’ point guard.

With his penchant for half-court or three-quarter-court shots and the like, Curry in real life will absolutely break the “NBA 2K” series’ traditions. As such, developer Visual Concepts began thinking of ways to be able to more accurately portray such things in their game, so die-hard fans can further emulate their idol or any others with a similar playstyle.