'NBA 2K17' cheats, tips, tricks news: How to access custom jumpshot creator, call plays


“NBA 2K17” has finally been released, and basketball fans have started playing the game to build up their career. However, some beginners have yet to unlock the secrets of the new title, so here’s a guide to access the custom jumpshot creator and call plays in the game.

To create one’s signature jumpshot, simply go to Career Mode and complete several matches. Redditor scottiebreeze said that after playing a few games during his first season, he received a text message from Coach K inviting him to a workout. He added that he was wary of accepting the invitation as he had a team practice and he did not want to lose starting time. After he accepted and practiced with the coach, his agent told him that he can now create and customize his jumpshot.

Scottiebreeze said that he played “around 20” games in his first season before Coach K invited him to a workout. At this point, it is advisable for players to periodically check if a text message from the coach has been received, as the date of the text message varies. Once the message has been received, the invitation should be accepted as it might take a couple of games again before the coach sends out another invite.

As for those who want to learn how to call plays in “NBA 2K17,” bring up the Play Menu and press L1 if playing with PlayStation, or LB if playing with an Xbox console. L1/LB will bring up the screen. Choose between five plays and press L1/LB. At this point, icons will appear on top of players’ heads. To choose a play for a certain player, simply press the corresponding icon button. The Play Calling pentagon will change into a square, and it will display options for different plays for the chosen player. Next, go through the play sheets for each player by pressing L1 and R1.

“NBA 2K17” is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.