'NBA 2K16' updates: Version 5 patch out in preparation for Road To The Finals 2K Pro-Am tournament


“NBA 2K16” received version 5 patch for the game yesterday, in preparation for the “Road To The Finals 2K” Pro-Am tournament.

On its official Facebook page, 2K Sports listed down the fixes done for the game, which include several enhancements on different options as well as fixes on some bugs.

Under MyPARK, the patch addressed the issue to ensure that the players have the sufficient rep level before being able to equip mascot costumes. In addition to this, the developers also enhanced the said section through the new Player of the Week and Player of the Month panels on its leaderboard.

On the other hand, under MyCOURT, version 5 fixed the bug that sometimes causes disconnections when there are spectators on scrimmage games.

As for other aspects, patch update 5 fixed the unwanted ankle breaker reactions for the defenders who are strategically positioned in a good defense areas. It also addressed the few instances when the Pro-Am Arena game would stall on the loading screen.

Meanwhile, specifically for PlayStation 4 users, the How Much Ya Got? section has been tweaked to incorporate unlocking of trophies when a maximum salary is offered. This does not consider how many years the playing contract has been offered.

Players took the opportunity to voice out on the comments section of the social media page regarding other concerns they have, such as what they claim to be glitches on shooting, dribbling, dunking, and ball handling. It is uncertain whether the moderators of the page have already read all of the comments, but if deemed valid, they will most likely include fixes for these on its next update.

As for the version 5 patch, the fixes are aimed to prepare players for the upcoming “Road To The Finals 2K” Pro-Am tournament where they can form their own team and have several customization options such as the court, jersey, and even the text and logos. The upcoming tournament also promises instant matchmaking and instant start of the game, with stats regularly updated through the daily, monthly, and overall leaderboards.