NBA 2K16 update: Full gameplay trailer teases college basketball


After three teaser videos with Stephen Curry’s “Beyond the Shadows” James Harden’s “James Harden: Believe” and Anthony Davis’s “Rise,” an extended trailer showcasing “NBA 2k16” gameplay has also been released.

The sneak peek titled “#Winning” is said to highlight the “authentic and real gameplay” aspect of the upcoming game which will also feature stars Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. The music by DJ Khaled “All I do is Win” plays on the background.

The video ends with a tease that the game may feature college basketball.

A high school player is depicted to be taping what may be an announcement video saying, “Hi everyone. This has been an extremely tough decision. Each school was carefully considered. But I finally decided to choose… I decided to go to the great university of…” before the footage was cut.

It was revealed last July that the developers have acquired the license of 11 schools which they can incorporate in the gameplay such as Arizona, Arizona State, Georgetown, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan, Texas, UCLA, UConn, Villanova, and Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, the story for the first three videos were narrated by MyCareer mode writer and filmmaker Spike Lee.

When it comes to classic teams to be included, 2K Sports have mentioned that 12 teams will be revealed. Among them, the eight teams already confirmed are ’00-’01 Lakers, ’03-’04 Pistons, 2000 Raptors, 2008 Rockets, ’02-’03 Mavericks, ’99-’00 Trail Blazers, 99-’00 Raptors, and ’07-08 Celtics.

Moreover, settings that can be expected for MyLeague and MyGM have been listed in full details in 2K Sports official blog.

In an overview, there will be full 30-team leagues that support 1-30 human teams, full fantasy draft, adjustable setup options, better admin control, flexible scheduling and custom roster support.

NBA 2K16 can now be pre-ordered with the delivery date on September 25 for those who pre-enlisted and September 29 for those who did not.