'NBA 2K16' roster update: Stephen Curry lands as the highest rated player


One of the widely popular games this year, “NBA 2K16,” has unveiled the latest update for its roster and statistics that reflect real life numbers and game results in the NBA league.

Reports claim that Golden State Warriors guard and this year’s most valuable player, Stephen Curry, has garnered the highest rating among the players in the video game. He got a one point increase in his attributes, five-point increase in standing shot close, eight points increase in standing shot mid, and six points increase in moving shot mid. These bring his overall rating to 95, which is only one point higher than Lebron James.

A new “The City” alternate floor is now also available whenever players choose to wear the Warriors Hardwood Classic uniform at home.

Other players who have received a one-point increase in their ratings include: Kawhi Leonard, 91; Blake Griffin now and Paul George now, both are 90; Chancey Billups, 89; Andre Drummond, 87; Kyle Lowry is now, 85; Draymond Green, 84; Hassan Whiteside, 83; Giannis Antetokounmpo and Rajon Rondo, both are 82; Jonas Valanciunas, 81; and C.J. McCollum and Manu Ginobli, both are 80.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Butler and Kemba Wlaker received two additional points, putting their score at 88 and 82, respectively. Those who obtained a three-point increase are Brandon Knight, 84; Andre Iguodala, 80; and Harrison Barnes, 80. Moreover, Avery Bradlet got four points increasing his stats to 81, Kiki Vandeweghe got six points making him 87, and Jay Williams has the most number of advances with eight points for an overall rating of 81.

On the other hand, NBA legend Kobe Bryant received a two-point decrease in attributes, putting him at 78. Other players whose ratings decreased by a point include Chris Paul, 89; Carmelo Anthony, 86; Dwight Howard, 84; Marc Gasol, 84; Klay Thomson, 83; Nikola Vucevic, 81; and Reggie Jackson, 80.

NBA 2K16 is available across platforms such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC, and mobile versions for both Apple and Android iOS. A 20 percent discount for PC is currently rolling out on Steam, so players can get their hands on the game for $47.99.