NBA 2K16 release date wait until September 29 for three different covers and new features with 'uncanny realism'


Will it be Stephen Curry, James Harden, or Kevin Durant on the cover of NBA 2K16? How about you choosing which one, as report has it that NBA 2K16, to be released on September 29 this year, will sport three different covers.

Fans who wants to get ahead of the pack will have a chance to play the game four days ahead when they pre order. The newest 2K series will also throw in an additional 10,000 Virtual Currency (VC) and a MyTeam VIP Package. This VIP package contains three MyTeam Emerald Packs with a guaranteed Emerald player for New-Gen, and a MyTeam Gold Booster Pack with a guaranteed Gold Player and four additional gold items for last-gen players.

Some players, who have been consistently following the 2K releases, put up their wish list on the next 2K game. Some of these pertain to improved simulation of the player’s actual performance, minimizing mini payments and expanding its focus on the sport itself, as well as improved rebound skills for seven footers. Although there are still very minimal details regarding 2K16, Aflie Brody, NBA 2K Vice President of Marketing, said that “NBA 2K16 promises to be one of the most groundbreaking sports titles in video game history, combining exciting new features with uncanny realism.”

Reportedly, Spike Lee, a director, producer, writer, actor, and an avid basketball fan, also gets to include his works on 2K16 under MyCareer. This option is where the players get to progress their basketball careers from being a rookie to a league superstar.

The game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 in United States and Europe. It is said that Apple’s IPhone and IPad will also get their 2K16 releases, while Android and Windows are dedicating resources to get it on theirs too. The cost will be around $60 for Xbox and Playstations and $7.99 for iPhones and iPads.