NBA 2K16 release date, gameplay news: team GMs can be roleplayed; pre-orders now available for Michael Jordan edition


The release date for the upcoming NBA 2K16 is drawing near, but details have already been leaked online to give players a peek into what’s in store for them.

According to Realty Today, the game has new features that have never before been introduced in an NBA game. One of these features is the MyGM, which allows players to simulate the real-life experience of being a general manager of a team.

Realty Today, citing Operation Sports as a source, reported that the MyGM feature will allow users to gain experience, which in turn will allow them to obtain upgrades for their team. As the players’ level increase, they will then be able to act as a General Manager would they can manage the team’s finances, as well as set prices for tickets to every game.

They can even set prices for hotdogs and sodas sold on the side stands, Realty Today revealed.

CrossMap reported that players can even make use of unsigned free-agents and rookies in-game. The same article also said that the upcoming NBA game will also make use of college teams.

The game is set to be released on September 29, but pre-orders are already open.  As various reports indicate, buyers who pre-order their copy can enjoy several perks.

Christian Today said that a pre-order will give players 35,000 virtual credits (VC) that they can use with their copy of NBA 2K15. The pre-order will also give them free 10,000 VCs to use in NBA 2K16 once they begin playing after the release date.

A special pre-order package is also available. Called the “Michael Jordan Special Edition,” purchasing this package will give players exclusive access to content like additional 30,000 virtual cash. They can also make use of Jordan gear in-game for their teams, including the legend’s shoes, T-shirt and jersey.

The special edition pack also gives players MyTeam VIP+ packs that include three Emerald Packs and a special edition Exclusive Moments card.

According to Gotta Be Mobile, players who pre-order digital copies will be able to download their copies as early as September 25 so they can play the game right away on release day.