'NBA 2K16' news: Patch 3 will be available in 2 weeks, updates revealed


NBA 2K16 goes far and beyond in terms of improving the overall look and dynamics of the game. Players are treated with a more graphic interface and life like animations. However, there were still some bugs that needed a few tweaks for the experience to be flawless.

Fans were already provided with two patches since the game’s September release, but according to OperationSports.com, a third one is set to drop in 2 weeks time. Sony and Microsoft are submitting a third patch this week and although there is no additional information on what update it will be focusing on, gamers are getting excited.

In light of this recent update, gameplay director Mike Wang has been engaging gamers in NBA 2K Forum. He has been answering questions from various threads. Players were quick to give their own and queries.

When asked about contested shots, especially contested three pointers, he enthusiastically answered that he made impacts on contested shots more of a factor. When a collision is made and the impact looks strong, the shot gets a much lower percentage of going in compared to when the impact looks lighter. As for longer range shots, he revealed that he didn’t make any changes but was quick to say that if gamers feel that this is a problem, he can definitely give it a tweak to their liking.

Wang also talked a bit about the updates of gameplay saying ” We’ve made a number of significant gameplay fixes for this 3rd patch and my time has been swamped trying to test and balance gameplay before it goes out the door, while also starting new designs and feature work on 2k17. So as much as I’d love to mess with you guys by tweaking the game every day, that’s simply not a good use of time. “

As for roster updates, Wang divulged that the team has Mike Stauffer who takes care of roster updates depending on NBA’S daily activities and player movements.