NBA 2K16 MyCareer Mode off-day options include MyCourt, Connections and Live Practice Mode


Upcoming game “NBA 2k16” promises exciting new challenges for fans whether they are part of a league or shooting some balls while being off the court.

On the official trailer titled “MyCAREER: The Whole Story” it revealed that the “Livin’ Da Dream” mode directed by Spike Lee offers different activities for the gamers by showing their character’s progress from being a high school basketball superstar to joining the professionals in NBA.

“From being a high school phenom, to choosing which college to play for, all the way on who surrounds you to your journey to the NBA, the trials and tribulations that await you are the ones you have never experienced before,” the narrator stated.

The center hub for all action will be called “MyCourt” where the user can fully customize the design of floors, walls, rims, back balls, nets and hoops in the area. It is actually a practice zone where progress can be exhibited and even shoe collections can be mounted on the wall.

Friends can also be invited to come over. There will be options that can be chosen from such as “2k Pro App,” “My Part” and even a private game in MyCourt.

During off-days, players will try their hands on getting some endorsements and deciding which brands they want to become an ambassador of to meet their contractual obligations. Moreover, “Connections” will allow them to fictionally get in touch with NBA legends such as Brooke Lopez, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, DeAndre Jordan, Demar Derozan and many more to build up relationships for a variety of rewards.

In “Live Practice Mode,” players can train their characters more as there will be coaches and teammates for boosting skills by doing some drills.

Pre-orders are now being accepted for earlier release on September 25, four days before it hits the market on September 29 across platforms such as PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.